Terms & Conditions

The Hirer agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:
1. Definitions:
(a) “Hirer” means the person who has signed this agreement or on behalf of whom the agreement has been signed.
(b) “Hire equipment” means the bicycle, helmet and lock detailed in this agreement including all parts and components.
2. That the information I have provided or has been provided on my behalf is true and correct.
3. I acknowledge there is a possibility that an injury or accident could occur and I agree to engage in this hire at my own risk. Furthermore I release and indemnify Spoke Bike Hire, its employees and its agents from any and all liability however so arising in connection with my use of the hire equipment during the hire period including where injury loss or damage arises out of the negligence of Spoke Bike Hire, its employees or its agents.
4. I agree to take full control of all the hire equipment detailed on this agreement and agree to pay for any damage to, or loss of, the hire equipment however such damage or loss arises whilst the hire equipment is in my control.
5. I accept that I am solely liable and agree to pay for all expenses and for any loss, damage or injury occasioned to me, or my property, or caused by me to any other person or property in connection with my use of the hire equipment.
6. I agree that as a condition of hire, to wear all safety equipment provided and I will operate the hire equipment in accordance with any laws, regulations and local government by-laws that apply.
7. I agree the hire equipment is provided in a clean and safe working condition and I will pay Spoke Bike Hire’s usual cleaning fee if I return the hire equipment in a condition considered unclean by Spoke Bike Hire.
8. I understand there are no refunds for early returns. I agree that I will be pay Spoke Bike Hire any costs arising out of the return of the hire equipment after the return date and return time, including the cost of covering salaries if staff are required to stay back after trading hours.
9. I agree to return the hire equipment in the condition it was in upon entry to this agreement on or before the return date and return time.
10. I agree to return the hire equipment to the point at which it was hired unless otherwise agreed.
11. I agree to fully inform Spoke Bike Hire of any accident, incident or impact involving any of the hire equipment or part thereof during the hire period.
12. I understand that Spoke Bike Hire reserves the right to, at any time, to retake possession of the hire equipment.
13. I am over 18 years of age and have provided photo ID prior to signing this agreement.
14. I agree to provide a security deposit by credit card or cash as part of this agreement and I authorise Spoke Bike Hire to debit the deposit to pay any cost or charge arising out of this agreement. If such costs or charges exceed the deposit provided I agree that I am liable for and will pay any outstanding sum.
15. I have read and fully understand the hire conditions above and agree to be bound by them.